Sky Rover uses Drone technology to explore and capture stunning high-altitude, high-definition aerial photos and videos for communities in Guelph and the surrounding areas. We take you to great heights and beyond, to places that just a few years ago weren’t imaginable, via high-definition cameras and next-generation Drone technology - all at affordable prices!

Our service goal is simple, to surpass each client’s expectations by delivering an exceptional finished product and overall customer experience. We provide the means to deliver imaging experience whether you require photography, video of land/buildings, or for live stream events. We have the expertise and tools to ensure 110% total project satisfaction.

Our safety goal is excellence. Sky Rover is committed to maintaining aviation safety when conducting Drone projects in Class C, D, E, F and G airspace. Sky Rover acknowledges that there are other applicable laws, such as the Criminal Code of Canada, Trespass to Property Act & Municipal By-laws that need to be adhered to and considered. These standards help with keeping manned aircraft, members of the public and property safe.

We look forward to a bright future in Drone operations. - Joseph Castro

We specialize in:


Real Estate

Our drones capture stunning HD aerial images and videos of properties, layouts, surroundings, and neighbourhoods.

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Have a drone watching from high above! Capture and monitor construction site progress to stay on track.

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Search and Rescue

Let us assist your planning, locating and rescuing efforts by giving a search perspective not possible from land.

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Coming soon: A low-cost, safe means to inspect and monitor cell towers and equipment.

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Property and Land Management

Exterior and high-level inspections of land and property delivered quickly, efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

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Inspection and News Media

Exceptional HD rural surveying photography and videos. We make it simple to get the information you need quickly!

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Special Events and Live Stream

Capture your special events like never before by broadcasting video and pictures in real-time on to your social media platforms.

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Tourism and Resort Marketing

Showcase your resort’s property and unique features to potential tourists and resort seekers by sharing amazing visuals.

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We are passionate about what we do, no flight project is too small.
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