Joseph Castro
Owner | Transport Canada -Pilot Cert#1929235812

Joseph Castro trained at Waterloo Wellington Flight Center - Commercial UAV Operator course. Since then, Joseph continues to evolve with the new Transport Canada Regulation introduced in June 2019. Most recently, Joseph has achieved Transport Canada | Advanced Operation Licence, August 2020. Joseph will work in non-controlled airspace and in Air Traffic controlled airspace.

Joseph had the vision to see that the arrival of Drone technology could be used by local businesses in so many beneficial, humanitarian and cost-effective ways. In 2021, Joseph partnered with Guelph United Football Club, a semi-pro soccer team to explore the use of drone view for the team's performance analysis.

Using Drone technology to explore and deliver high-definition aerial photos and videos from high above. Offering an affordable, efficient, and cost-effective way to capture exceptional aerial imaging versus the alternative of employing a small engine airplane and an aerial photographer. We have the team, expertise, and tools to ensure 110% total project satisfaction.

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• Provide unprecedented, high-quality aerial imaging services to the Guelph/ Wellington business and rural communities.

• Continuously improve, advance and evolve with the UAV technology.

• Maintain an unblemished, safety record resulting from strict company governance policies and standards.

• Achieve a new level of excellence in the aerial imaging industry and continue to support and give back to the communities we serve.

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